Lost in Translation? Let the professionals take care of your translation projects

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Not every standard text comes in the same format.
ABC GLOBAL Data Management for Translations

Professional support has more to do with software than some might think. One example here is when the outbound document is in a source code: HTML. It's good to know that ABC GLOBAL works with linguists who know the difference between bits and bytes and are familiar with all file formats. In the digital age, anyone thinking a text "JUST has to be translated quickly" is mistaken. The simple Word document is increasingly being replaced by a complex HTML or XML file or even a content management system like Typo3 as a "template". It is rapidly becoming a question of the basis on which a translation is to be carried out. ABC GLOBAL is well-equipped to deal with this.


Optimal Templates for Translation
Not everyone knows how a document is generated for optimal processing by the translator. This starts with formatting. The software used by all translators working with ABC GLOBAL accepts various formats and can be converted into a readable format. With it, all translators have the same computer desktop at all times. The advantage here is that they do not need to know how a graphic design program like InDesign, for example, works. They can simply concentrate on the translation.


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