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Act global, think local.

ABC GLOBAL Translation with Localization

Looking at the picture above, everyone knows why the bull elephant in the movie "The Jungle Book" is called Colonel Hathi. Our translators don't need photos to figure it out. As native speakers, they have the cultural knowledge in them. Every country has its idiosyncrasies and special linguistic references that usually only a native would know. It's good to know that ABC GLOBAL's translators also "localize" their translations. This means that they adapt the translation to account for any customs prevalent in the respective country. Asians for example think it's dirty to eat with the left hand. The English always drive on the left. These kinds of things can certainly prove important in an instruction manual. Some numbers or colours are associated with good or bad luck. Some things may be shown, while others may not. This could mean the difference between a product's success and failure in foreign markets.


In this sense, ABC GLOBAL offers not only translations, but also globalisation: international communication, international adaption and overcoming language barriers, whether it's the translation of


  • advertising brochures
  • websites
  • software programs
  • database/shop systems
  • documentation
  • instruction manuals or
  • other documents.


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